About Us

We are passionate virtual and augmented reality experts.  We believe these mediums will power the future of how we work, how we connect and how we learn across all industries.

Our services will show you how these technologies can benefit you and your workforce.  We understand the market is changing and how daunting it can be to source needs, design, hardware and what is currently working well within the immersive industry.  We are here to help you get started and beyond.

Our 4 years of actively being involved in this industry will save you time and effort when setting off from the starting line.  As advocates of the immersive community we have created trusted relationships through our contributions to the industry.

Our services:

Content Creation & Advertising - blogs, reviews, social media content & YouTube videos about your immersive products, services or brand.

Human Centred Design & Testing - using the Double Diamond framework from pre-prototyping to post-launch we are here for you.

Conference Talks or Presentations - any virtual or augmented reality related topic delivered with inspirational passion.

Workshops & Tech Demos - book us so you can try out the latest immersive tech at your event.

Virtual Reality in Care/Nursing Homes - over 2 years experience carrying out R&D VR services in care homes delivering immersive reminiscence, meditation & preventing loneliness.